Turning your holiday spot to a full-time residence

By Scott Bentley

Turning your holiday spot to a full-time residence

Many people can vouch for being tempted to move permanently to their favourite holiday spot.After all, what’s not to like about wonderful Marlborough?

It offers so much - surf, sun and sea; country lifestyle blocks or town bustle. It is, of course, one thing to holiday at peak times like Christmas, when the sun’s shining constantly, there’s no work worries and the family is relaxed.

There are a few important aspects when considering a permanent move to your favourite holiday destination, whether to retire, to change lifestyle, or for another job opportunity.

Here’s a few pointers to get you started:

  • What sort of lifestyle do you realistically want? Is a lifestyle block for you? If you’re coming from a large city, then you would want to talk to local life-stylers to find out the benefits (peace, distance between neighbours) and pitfalls (finding a shearer for three sheep, anyone?). Or maybe you’re into the beach, or perhaps love small-city bustle. Whatever your dreams, put them into a day-to-day context before deciding where you’re going to search for property.

  • Christmas holidays are always going to be action packed! Lots of things to see and do. What about in the off season? This is where the locals come in - start up some conversations, and find out if it’s still going to be for you in the winter.. We’re confident Blenheim and Marlborough will provide everything you could want, but don’t just take our word for it! Check out the Marlborough and Blenheim community Facebook pages to find out what the local issues are, activities and interests that are available.

  • Read the local papers and check out the local news on line to see what’s what and who’s who. While you’re there, have a look at what’s happening in the different areas of Marlborough, because that will provide you with more insights into what will work for your needs.

  • Considerations such as travel time to gyms, the beach, wineries (!), supermarkets, schools etc also need to be factored in.

  • Most importantly - do come and talk with us.

“We’re happy to help and advise when it comes to such an important decision,” says Angela Bowers, Branch Manager - First National Marlborough. “Local knowledge goes a long way, not only about what properties are for sale, and the property market. We know what’s going on when it comes to shopping, schools, clubs and more, because we’re locals. We know and understand our region well.” There is a lot to consider, so an on-the-ground partner is a huge benefit when making such a decision, notes Angela.

As you contemplate change, here’s wishing you happy and safe holidays!

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