Home safe

By Scott Bentley

Home safe

Locking the front door on the way out as you leave to go on holiday is not necessarily all that’s needed to ensure your home remains safe while you’re away.

There are lots of things you can do to ensure your home doesn’t attract the attention of thieves.

First, it’s best that people don’t guess you’re away by what’s not happening at your house.


Let your neighbours know you’re going away, when you’ll be back and provide a phone number where you can be contacted.

Stop the mail and have the neighbours clear your mailbox of free papers and junk mail.

Ensure your lawns and garden are kept mown and weeded. It’s worth the cost to pay someone to do it and the upside is that it’s lovely to come home to a well-kept garden!

Have pet carers ensure feeding bowls and plates are kept clean and obviously seen to. Ensure pet access to the house can’t be used to access door locks.

Have movement activated outside security light or two, as burglars like to operate under cover, in the dark and lights going on will alert your neighbours.

Ensure car keys are left at home and not in the car, in the garage or on display in the kitchen or hallway.

Make sure you have effective door locks. Talk to your local locksmith, who should be able to advise you on what’s effective. Of course, this is a benefit year-round, not just for holiday time!

Have your alarm system monitored, even if only while you’re away. Often house alarms going off are simply ignored by the surrounding neighbourhood, and having security turn up is the best option if security is breached.

Consider installing security cameras. There is a big range to choose from, including ones that will connect to your phone so you can monitor while you’re away. Just one or two can act as a deterrent.

Put some inside lamps on timers - a dark house is a giveaway that it’s empty. Also, leave curtains and blinds open.

Lastly: Unless you have a trusted house sitter (which is a great idea, by the way), put your holiday snaps and comments on social media after you get home. While your followers and friends might be totally trustworthy, you don’t really know who will get to see your posts and want to take advantage of your absence. And, social media posts publicising your holiday plans could affect your insurance claim if someone does burgle your home.

All in all, keeping your home safe means a worry-free holiday. We hope you have a happy and safe holiday and a great start to 2020!

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